Other Information

Circuit Breaker
If you are interested in the annual state income tax credit (Circuit Breaker) of up of to $1,080 – homeowners should bring documentation of your annual income, property tax valuation, property taxes paid, and paid water and sewer services. For renters, bring documentation of your annual income, annual rent paid and the name and address of your landlord. Your do not have to pay state taxes to qualify for the tax credit.

Project Bread Food Source Hot Line
Screens residents of Massachusetts for eligibility for the SNAP Program, and helps people apply over the phone and provides information on community food programs. There are translators in 140 different languages available to help. The Hot Line number is (800) 645-8333, telephone number is (617) 723-5000, and the TTY number is (800) 377-1292. The web pages are as follows and

Salvation Army Family Services
They provide children and individuals with clothing, toys and gifts. In addition, seniors may receive financial assistance to help them meet basic needs, such as vouchers for utilities, rent and food. The Salvation Army web page is

Community Service Network
CSN is a non-profit dedicated to helping low and moderate income clients get the knowledge, skills, and services to be independent and self-sufficient. Case Managers provide services in budgeting to stay within a change in income, credit counseling, homelessness prevention, landlord/tenant mediation, housing search, applying for Section 8 housing, and a “first time buyer program”. Call (781) 438-1977 or visit our website at

Stoneham Food Pantry
The Stoneham Board of Health Food Pantry is headquartered in the First Congregational Church of Stoneham.  The pantry provides food to residents of Stoneham and neighboring towns. The pantry helps individuals who are facing illness, aging, unemployment or other economic dilemmas.  Call (781) 438-0097 to set up an appointment to come in and select groceries on Tuesdays of each week.

Senior Center Lending Library
The Senior Centers Lending Library has many different titles and authors to choose from in both paperback and hard cover editions.  Located on the second floor (with a small display of books in the front lobby), the library is open Monday and Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.