As many of you will be seeing in the June Newsletter, our incredible director Maureen Canova will be retiring! See Page 1 of the Newletter for her message.


Congratulations to a wonderful director who will be greatly missed but never forgotten. You’ve done so much for us all. Each and every one of us are sending you the best wishes for a very happy retirement. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the residents of Stoneham and the staff of the SCOA both directly and indirectly; our appreciation to you is immeasurable. May your future endeavors be fulfilling, and may you enjoy many joyous adventures upon your retirement. The time and energy you put into your work have been a great example to us all.


Best Wishes,

Your Family at the Stoneham Senior Center

Please enjoy this pre-recorded nutrition presentation prepared by Candace and Andrea from Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services!

We are pleased to announce the Town of Stoneham in collaboration with UMass Gerontology has completed their Community Needs Assessment and released their findings which detail an Age-Friendly Stoneham. Please view the PowerPoint to see the details of an Age-Friendly Stoneham.
Click the Link Below to view the full Needs Assessment