Our members love us! Here is a sampling of what they have to say:

” We were planning to move to a neighboring state. Among our criteria of location and price, etc., was the library and the senior center. Of three towns, none had a library or senior center that could compare to Stoneham. Might just stay here after all!!”

” After my wife passed a few years ago, the Senior Center has become a place where I can feel companionship again and I can enjoy the company of new friends. It has helped me move through grief.”

” Coming to the Senior Center gets me out of my chair and I have become reacquainted with old friends!”

” I get a great home-cooked breakfast!”

” It’s nice to come in and see so many friendly smiles!”

” Since I live by myself, I spend a lot of time alone. Coming to the Senior Center helps relieve that lonely feeling and I enjoy the camaraderie of friends.”

” I love to come for the entertainment and fellowship with other people who enjoy doing the same things!”

” It’s an oasis!”

” The Stoneham Senior Center gets me up and out. The center has many activities that interest me. I meet many people, men and women, who welcome me. I don’t live in Stoneham but I find it is best suited for me.”

” I enjoy the activities such as walking and the social interaction with other people. I also feel safe here.”

” The center has afforded me the opportunity to make acquaintances who are now good friends. The energy of others here inspires me to join in activities I enjoy thoroughly. The staff is friendly and accommodating and make all feel welcome.”

” Love, friendship, understanding, help, guidance, and opportunities. Social activities, nutrition, exercise, games and learning crafts.” 

” Professional and legal help. Personal care, hairdresser and often free item picks. Low cost and no cost options. The barn is a weekly shopping experience, and movies are always an option. Keeps me healthy, wealthy and wise!”

” I love coming to the Stoneham Senior Center. I enjoy the fitness programs with Alana, walking and talking with other seniors, and line dancing, which gives me stability. Meeting Howie is such a boost because with Parkinson’s Disease, he has accomplished so much, and he is an inspiration to all with his accomplishments. I have met a lot of wonderful people and feel so much better for their sociability.”